Chess World Champion confessed how it earns on the Internet

The Russian Grasmaster has a reputation of one of the most fair poker among the chess elite. For the first time wooden figures on cards he changed ten years ago. Alexander has been playing a lot of poker and, rumored, quite successfully.

It is not easy to follow the poker successes of Hryshchuk, because the tense chess calendar makes the Grosmaster play only in online copper. On live tournaments he just doesn’t have time.

Many chess players are known to play in the poker regularly. The same Grishchuk has the glory. Moreover, Alexander confessed that poker is his second profession, care.

Interestingly, the main feature between these two sports, the Grossmaster considers the need to be able to tolerate. That is to keep a cold head even in a difficult uncomfortable situation.

Alexander Grishchuk. Photo: Twitter

Oleksandr Hryshchuk compared the atmosphere in chess and poker tournaments. The Grandmaster believes that they are very similar, because for the most part there and there, there are intelligent, restrained people.

It should be noted that Hryshchuk participates in the tournament of applicants (now the competition was interrupted through quarantine), the winner of which will play with Magnus Carlsen for the chess crown.