Poker Roars: Jason Kun did not let Helmut Phil 1 600 000

The third season of High Stakes Duel will continue next year. This became known after the 5th round was completed in which Phil Helmut and Jason Kun met. According to the rules of the show champion can pick up all the money only in case of three victories in a row.

For Helmut it was a chance to earn $ 1,600,000. The current High Stakes Duel champion had two victories, expecting to become a triumphant. However, famous "White magic" did not work at the most necessary moment. From the first handwriting of the hedz-up was in favor of the opponent. Kun’s bluffs successfully passed, and when Helmut tried to portray a strong hand, the opponent had something to answer.

Hedz-up Phil Helmut with Jason Kun / Photo

To pick up all Philo chips, Jason took less than 4 hours. In the decisive distribution of AK "White magician" did not stand against Q8. After defeat Helmut still decided to remind him that he is the strongest player of this show.

Maximum respect for Jason Kuna, excellent game. Congratulations to his victory. I liked to play 11 hedza-Apau.

Jason Kuhn’s victory means High Stakes Duel. Now he needs to find a opponent who can pay by bay-in $ 1,600,000 to meet him. Under the terms of the show, a priority right to revenge will be received by a player who lost in the previous round. Helmut is expected to accept this call. Then the total prize will be $ 3,200,000.