Fomodel Sarah Shaffac: As the winner of the Miss Finland competition is related to Poker

Finnish model Sarah Shafak – a craftsman all hands. Title owner "Miss Finland-2012" She participated in culinary and dance projects, and in the poker world was remembered by stunning bluff on a television show.

Sarah Shafak quickly gained popularity in his home country. After winning the competition "Miss Finland" The girl represented her country in the competition "Miss Universe", where did not get to the first 16. Further, she was quite actively tried in different areas.

In December 2014, the girl lit up on a poker show "Shark Cage", where different celebrities competed with professional players for a prize of $ 1,000,000, and those who drove out in a cage. Sarah Shafak became the celebrity of this show thanks to the unsurpassed bluff Ronny Bard.

Blef Sarah Shaffac on Shark Cage TV show: watch video

Girl and now in the free from the shooting time plays in poker. This is evidenced by the description of her profile on Instagram, where there is a mark that she does not forget about the unlimited Haldem. Once the Finnish model, along with Park Scott, was photographed next to the most titized poker of Ukraine Yevgeny Kachalov.