Record Bid in the Power History: A whole American staff

In 1889, when poker did not yet have worldwide popularity, and the game was accompanied by shootouts and fights, an unprecedented episode took place in the history of the game. Once the state governor of New Mexico Bradford Prince watched the poker showdowns of authoritative in the region-Johnny Dougherty and Aic Jackson. The latter, by the way, was one of the wealthiest people of the west coast of the United States. The boys were not joked, but in one of the distribution in the bank was more than $ 100,000, space at the time.

Jackson, to encroach on a solid win, put on a ranch with 10,000 cattle heads. Dougherti’s bet was even more impressive. He wrote a debt by laying the whole territory of the state of New Mexico, and eyewitness to the game Governor Prince signed the relevant document. In the poor, after all, there was no choice – near his temple was adjusted a colt of bold fat. On the rival Dougherty, such a gesture impressed and he threw his own cards into the pass.

It is difficult to say how much in this story of truth, and how much fiction. But in New Mexico to this day there is a law that forces contenders to post mayor in state cities that have gained the same number of votes, to play a position in any game. In practice, this law was applied in 1998 by the election race in Estance – Carlson and Farrington. The last in poker played better, so he got the chair of the mayor.

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