How to Earn Millions: The Tips of the German Pokerist

Holtz enters the dozens of the most successful poker in history. He won $ 32.5 million in living tournaments for his career, so his advice is very valuable.

Learn to lose

In the king you can do everything right and still lose due to the disadvantage of fortune. Fedor teaches to perceive moments such as part of the game and believe that the distance will place everything in their places.

Surround yourself with poker people

The point is not to be missed in tournaments. Poker friends will allow you to dive deeper into the game and its subtleties and constantly progress. According to the German, the luminaires in the king is more difficult.

Completeously distribute your bankroll

Holtz recommends not put all eggs in one basket. That is, not to play tournaments that you are not affordable even if you are very sure of yourself.

Analyze constantly

Fedor advises after each game to parse flights, work on mistakes. Moreover, this should be done not only on your own, but also with coaches and just colleagues.

Do the ego itself

According to a German professional, ego in poker only interferes with. It does not allow you to properly perceive victory or defeat. Extra emotions will make you vulnerable.

Prepare yourself for the game

Holtz is already talking about the game itself. Fedor assures that at the table should only sit in good physical and psychological tone, because poker is a sport.

Use breaks

During the big tournaments you can stay at the table for a lot of hours. German advises to nourish himself with snacks, drink a lot of water. And move a lot during short breaks to keep the tone.

Be able to rest from poker

Holtz advises that poker is only part of your life: professional or as a hobby. Should be able to rest from the game. You can find another hobby, or give time to family and friends to gain strength and re -rush to conquer poker.