The priest-millionaire was not allowed to celebrate the victory: why denied Daniel Negrean

Daniel Negrean continues to enjoy the wonderful moment of triumph. At the beginning of the month he received $ 3,300,000 for winning the Super High Roller Bowl tournament in Las Vegas. Celebrate success "Kid Poker" was gathering in Korea where Josh Arye and poker commentator Ali Nezhad also found themselves.

In the evening, a friend’s company headed for a bar called "Waikiki Beach Club". The guards asked them to provide a certificate of a person who did not cause any complaints from the side of adult men. But the problem was in another. To this establishment did not let people over 37 years old.

In Twitter, pokerists and fans ridiculed the situation along with Negrean. David Ottosen wrote that it was time to give up the nickname "Kid Poker" (poker baby). As a result, users picked up this opinion and suggested Daniel renamed "Old Kid Poker" or "Real Too Old Poker".

Daniel Negrean, possibly old for some establishments in Korea, but young enough to win in the cushion at the highest level. Even on the eve of the 50th anniversary Canadian still stays on top of the game.