Ronaldo, Neymar, Shevchenko: The most famous players in the world who successfully play poker

Power for football players is not always entertainment. Someone wants to show themselves in a new area of ​​activity and someone just like to play online. However, there are cases where the players are waiting for the largest international series to feel the atmosphere of live poker and to fight for big prize.

Neymar (Brazil)

Neymar collaborates with a well-known poker Rum that is often involved in tournaments around the world. Interesting case was in 2018 when football fans noticed how Neymar played poker online while his untouchers from French "PSG" Conducted League Match 1. He then recovered after the injury but preferred poker rather than watching the game of his team.

Neymar / Phoker PokerNews

This summer the star player appeared in the world series of poker in Las Vegas. In the tournament with By-in-in $ 10,000 he had no success, but in the event for $ 1,000 in prizes got. Brazilian’s most loud victories have online. In January, he managed to earn almost $ 150,000 in just two Winter Series tournaments.

Gerard Pike (Spain)

Defender "Barcelons" considered one of the best players in their position in world football. In a poker party also entrenched in the status of a distinguished player. Peak regularly visits EuroPean Poker Tour in Barcelona. His best result is the 2nd place for which Spaniard received 352 950 euros. This is the largest amount won by a professional football player. Another player was distinguished at the same EPT tournament "Barcelons" Arturo Vidal.

Gerard Pike / Photo PokerNews

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

One of the best players of all Cristiano Ronaldo also has sympathy for poker. "Though football is my world, poker has always been my game", – said the star Portuguese. It was noticed for a game in Omah against such rivals as Patrick Antonius and Daniel Kates. Met face-to-face with Aaron Paul at a charity event.

Max Cruise (Germany)

Max Cruise is a German club forward "Wolfsburg". He is currently one of the most active poker players among professional football players. Recently, Cruise was also in the world series of poker in Las Vegas, where he managed to break through the final table of the tournament No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw for $ 1,500, but left the first. Another amazing Achieving Cruise in King is the 5th place of Wsop Online Bracelet Tournament with Bay-in $ 10,000. Then he won over $ 62,000.

Max Cruise / Photo PokerNews

Andriy Shevchenko (Ukraine)

The most famous Ukrainian footballer loves to play online. Once Andrey Shevchenko came together with Yuri Dzivilevsky – one of the best pokerists of the present. Ukrainian fairly boldly played by poker about and was loved to knock him out of a bracelet hedz-up tournament for $ 25,000.

Andriy Shevchenko plays against Yuri Dzivilevsky: Watch the video

Teddy Sheringham (England)

Teddy Sheringham is a known forward forward who played for his 24-year-old career for such English clubs as "Manchester United", "Tottenham" and "West Ham". His appearance at poker tables was not left unattended. Upon completion of a gaming career, he played many large poker tournaments by earning a total amount of more than $ 320,000. Sheringham’s largest prize received at the European Poker Tour-2010, when he received $ 118,346 for 5th place.