American Millionaire picked up Covid but continues to play poker

Each of the games of the American can boast more than $ 7 million tournament prizes. Among other things, in his asset 4 bracelets WSOP. However, the real King Sean is at the World Cup with online poker.

On this prestigious series, which has been taking place every year since 2002, the day has won 8 trophies. More for him titles only in Denis Strebkov (9). Not surprisingly, Sean seeks to go first in this dispute and can not even prevent him.

American picked up Covid in Mexico, where Wcoop tournaments are actively playing. The day hoped to avoid hospitalization, but still found himself at the Mexican clinic, which by the way, pleasantly surprised him with his appearance:

But even in the ward and with a serious illness, Sean does not give up his favorite business and even actively shares his thoughts on social networks:

Translation: You can’t call yourself a real wcoop Grinder if you do not play with one hand 10 tables on a touchpad at the Mexican Hospital Patients at Covid.

What is a dedication to Sean’s favorite business can only be admired. And at the same time, wish him a quick recovery and even more trophies.