Mission is feasible: how to turn $ 250 into 10 thousand

Dmitry was successfully coped with the first task, but he needed as many as 58 game sessions that were stretched for more than a year. The thing is that Dmitry constantly interrupted his challenge for participation in living poker series.

In the first 14 days of the marathon, he increased Banrol 6 times, after which he went to the series to Brazil. Subsequently, Urbanovich split the Bankrol another 8 times and again took up live tournaments. Restored Dmitry’s marathon in February this year and with several pauses finally achieved the goal. The other day he reached a $ 10,000 mark. The last game session lasted up to 21 hours.

Dmitry’s marathon was more likely to be a matter of principle and entertainment than earnings. The amount of $ 10,000 for Urbanovich is not really good. In live tournaments he has won more than $ 6 million.

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