Life “Talt” Ben Afflek

Ben Aflec was often invited to exhibition tournaments of prestigious poker series. In a friend of a friend and colleagues at the shop Damon’s Purpose Actor Liked at Oval Table. True did it not only for the sake of entertainment. Aflec sincerely loves the game and showed good results.

What is just worth winning at California State Poker Championship in 2004, for which a movie star received $ 356 thousand in prize. Therefore, experts are quite rightly considering Ben Aflec to be a third in the skill of poterist from Hollywood party after Jennifer Tilly and Jason Alexander.

Ben Aflec. Photo: IPRAVDA

Everything would be nothing but there is a Aflecker and another passion that, frankly, is not too organic with Power is not too organic. Thing is that Ben Aflec – "hereditary" an alcoholic that never hid. The American with ailment is actively fighting, however, constantly encounters relapses.

Not so long ago Ben Aflec, squeezing extra, entered one of the casino in the company of the new passion of musician Katie Cherry. Muting $ 20,000, the actor gave up his favorite game, forgetting his status and reputation.

Ben Aflelek in a casino. Photo:

The movie star predicted the attention of the paparazzi and in a hurry left the table, playing a few hands. That did not prevent Aflec from being at the epicenter of the next scandal. After all on the same day, the actor actively advertised the charity organization The Midnight Mission, which supports the homeless and helps rehabilitation of alcoholics.

To the vigilant attention to the side of the yellow press of Ben Aflec to not get used to. The shadow of the actor’s reputation has repeatedly thrown in the underground poker battles with the participation of other Hollywood stars. He had time "To be distinguished" Aflec and in Black Jack. "Batman" is a Non Grata person in several casinos who blame the star of calculating cards.