Jason Kun earned $ 500,000 in a free poker tournament

Not only the Pokergo Tour tournaments, but also other popular series such as WSOP, WPT or Triton. Behind the scored points in all tournaments players received a stack for a special freerele Pokergo Tour Championship, in which winner received the entire prize of $ 500,000.

Many well -known pointers played in the tournament: Phil Iva, Daniel Negrean, Stephen Chodvik, Espen Yorsstad, Paul Fua, Nikita Bodyakovsky and others. Jason Kun started with the third stack but after the first day became a huge chip leader with 153 BB. The closest pursuer of Chad Evslage had a stack of 29 BB.

Not without difficulty but kun still won the tournament. At the time of the hedz-app start with Sean Winter The opponent had a double advantage by the stack. The won of 8-2 against Q-j returned Jason leadership, after which he squeezed his opponent and took $ 500,000.

In December I always make up. In 2016 on WPT I won two tournaments in a row of $ 25,000. I don’t know what the secret. Perhaps the atmosphere of Christmas is so influenced – Jason Kun admitted.

In total in 2022, the American won over $ 8,000,000 in prize, including 1,600,000 for winning High Stakes Duel vs. Helmut. Following the won Pokergo Tour Championship Jason Kun was overwhelmed. Now Kun has 42.38 m of prizes and Sydel has 42.21 m.