The main scandals of the year in the poker: passionate massage, banm Imsirovich and robbery Robbie Leu

The main scandal of 2022 broke out in the Hustler casino during cache game. Not the most famous at that time, Pomerist Robbie Leu won Harrett Adelstein Bank 269,000 dollars playing a 3-bet of Alll-in on Torne with J-4 hand.

Adelstein accused the girl of fraud and forced him to give him all the money he lost in that distribution. After the scandal, Robbie Leo had to justify a lot to prove his correctness. She even passed the polygraph. After all, she succeeded. After the Hustler Casino investigation, Robbie Leu was found innocent.

Many well -known pokerists spoke on the subject of scandalous distribution of Adelstein and Leo. The situation was discussed on restraints, podcasts and even in the media. But Garrett publicly did not even apologize to the girl.

Attentive cheater

Another scandalous situation happened in Hustler Casino. Julio "Skillsrocks" Sedilio won $ 5,000 in Barry Wallace using a very simple reception – to look into cards. In one of the distribution he even moved his opponent’s glasses to better see his cards.


The next day the institution contacted "attentive" player. He did not deny that he saw cards because it is not forbidden by the rules. And added that he will never come back to Hustler casino.

Ban Imsirovich and Schindler

Popular and Successful Player Ali Imsirovich this year suddenly disappeared from radars. According to Alex Foxen, he was rebuilt for multicaCaunting and the use of assistant. The American also said that he faced Chipdaming (deliberately playing chips) in the game against Imsirovich.

Ali Imsirovich / Photo

The dishonest game was also accused of Jake Schindler. Later Imsyrovich and Schindler arrived at EPT Monte Carlo, but did not play any tournament there. It is rumored to be baried. Later at other stages of EPT pokerists also did not see. Then Imsirovich and Schindler were forbidden in the Pokergo Tour series.

"And eat fish. "

Finnish player Eelis Parsinen violated the rules on online and offline. He opened the tournament from the phone right behind the TV Stole of the Living Event. Finn played in a routine expensive tournament for $ 25,000 on Wsoope. In parallel "Eee27" online "rolling" tournament for $ 109. In both cases went far.

To continue to play, Parsinen took with him a phone on TV-table, which is strictly forbidden Fin.

The scandal with a massage therapist on WSOP

The comic situation happened in the world series of poker in Las Vegas. Frank Stepuchin jokingly asked the massage therapist to massage his chest. And she did not refuse. As the player himself noted, no sexual implication in this was.

Unusual massage / Phokeroff photo

WSOP organizers quickly learned about the situation, after which the massage therapist was released, and Frank had to publicly apologize publicly. He asked not to release the worker of the Sinty Institution, stating that he is ready to take all the blame on himself and to bear any punishment.