The famous Canadian poker disappeared

Brad Booth is an example of a brilliant poterist who contacted scammers and thus destroyed his career.

43-year-old Canadian made a name to be one of the best players in the country before he moved to Vegas, where he confirmed his high qualification. He played with the most famous professionals, participated in the High Stakes Poker show, and received sponsorship support from the largest poker brands.

Seemed to whom, and Brad would be sure to win a place on poker Olympus. But everything has changed in one second.

Initially, the player was injured through a scandal with a previously famous poker site Ultimatebet whose representatives were accused of dishonest game. This story cost a Canadian two million dollars. After a while, after a failed period in his career, Booth realized that he had reached the bottom, losing more than $ 5.5 million ..

And here’s a former star player decided to pause and go on a hike, which he told his roommate in the room.

For the last butt was seen on July 13, 2020, when he left the Grand Sierra resort on a silver truck Toyota Tacoma. After that he did not get in touch.

According to some versions, Canadian could be a victim of crime although his friends still hope for a happy ending of this story.